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— Letters from The Mahatmas.

Lecture in the Theosophical Society in London
in March1984 by Adam Warcup.

About some first conditions in the TS with parapsychological phenomena by will and why such is to be questioned and of minor significance. Likely existences of Individuals with Higher Knowledge and Their Nature. Reasons for Their Silence. Why objective proofs by Occult phenomena are regarded as not thinkable. Basic conditions in searching people’s relations to higher knowledge.

2) The Uniqueness of Theosophy.

A review by Geoffrey A. Farthing
in European School of Theosophy, Germany 1983,
of his previous six lectures.

About specific and unique contents in Theosophical teachings. Personal stories about mind-transforming studies, special events and experiences, radically liberating and universally significant.

3) Theosophy, Cornerstone of World Religions.
Colin Price, England.

4) THE BIRTH OF MAN — An Occult View.
Adam Warcup, London.

5) The Feminine Divinity.
From BBC London, May 2007, with Colin Price.

6) About Seriousness in the Search for Truth.
Radha Burnier, Adyar, Dec. 1975.

7) Living freely and Dying peacefully.
Radha Burnier, Bristol, Aug. 2005.


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