5th of March, 2016 


Prefatory note.

All is fundamentally this, that nothing but pure and true insights, independently of authorities and traditions, can radically liberate from all conflicts, such as between different beliefs, disbeliefs and unbeliefs, and this for the best for all, in the longest perspective.

      The word Theosophy means divine wisdom and here it now includes existential information, teachings and insights, essentially in the origins of, and consistencies between, all forms of life, and their cyclical evolutions, all bound by universal law, and which come from pure and direct knowledge in all this, due to developed faculties in Esoteric Science, and from this, partly for the first time in the world, having been given out through a deputy, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, chosen by Esoteric Adepts themselves, and by the Theosophical Society, which she, with William Q. Judge och Henry S. Olcott, started 17th of November in 1875 in New York. Soon serious conflicts however arose in the society, with several more splits afterwards, with in several respects sharply different expositions of ”theosophy”, and in line with United Lodge of Theosophist (here in Swedish) this web site will expose only such, which correspond with what was given in the start, closest to the most pure and comprehensive Source, and by primary studies of the original information all later ”teachings” and divisions can be most fully and best understood and perfectly overcome, essentially to the end of all conflicts, within each one, individually.

       The primary and specific purpose is to reproduce the latest official translation of THE SECRET DOCTRINE in Swedish, from 1918, and then step by step in modern Swedish. Some of that has already begun by United Lodge of Theosophist.

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